The impact of global phenomena can have a significant effect on modern supply chains. Production planners across the world’s leading enterprises can no longer rely on historic data, past trends and archaic tools to model and react in real-time - modeling such rapid changes in excel takes entirely too long and the results are often times obsolete - planners must quickly apply insights to currennt production plans and create new projections on a daily basis, allowing for their organizations to stay competitive.

Download Akili's webinar to learn how Anaplan empowers the world’s leading production planners in adapting to real time disruption. Discover how Anaplan's platform empowers planners to create a production schedule from a connected planning perspective based on the demand plan/forecast and analyzing financial metrics related to production and distribution. You will also see how facility and/or asset closures will affect the production plans ability to fulfill orders.


Dyci Sfregola
Akili Supply Chain SME

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