DATE: May 27

TIME: 11:00 AM (CDT)

DURATION: 45 min.


Live Demo: Economic Reopening Labor Planning
Anaplan Solution Overview

As each State begins to reopen from the Shelter in Place directives that have been in effect, it is clear that businesses will not reopen in one step. It is also likely that the stages of the reopening process will not occur in a straight line.

Businesses will be challenged to react to a very dynamic environment - Those that are driven by direct customer traffic such as restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, retail, etc. will have a particular challenge determining how and when they return their staff to support the business activity levels. They may also find that the traditional compensation structures or costs may not be the same and will likely change over time. Managing this challenge will be critical to the success of restarting business operations.

There are several key challenges that need to be addressed in the staffing arena:

  • How do you determine what the staffing levels need to be?
  • How do you adjust plans in a very dynamic way as the situation changes?
  • How do you understand the cost of the staff levels needed?
  • How do I model the impact of comp structure changes in the various staffing level scenarios?
Join Akili for our upcoming webinar to learn how our solution allows you to plan and respond to changes in this incredibly dynamic and unpredictable business climate that organizations will be operating within. Traditional methods of planning will simply not be agile enough to support day-to-day and week-to-week challenges that business will adjust to. The Akili solution built on the Anaplan platform provides businesses the ability to connect staffing plans to operational assumptions and provide full transparency into the costs of the plans. This level of planning will be a key factor in the successful management of restarting your business.


Sean Granfield

Alan Boyer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Revenue Officer