Optimizing Operational Planning

Join Anaplan and Akili, along with our joint customers Chart Industries and EnLink Midstream, for an evening of world class wine tasting and networking with Executive level colleagues, while learning about the value of “Connected Planning” for the Office of the CIO and Project Controls.

4:30 - 4:45pm
Welcome cocktail / Get settled

4:45 - 5:30pm
Wine tasting and Networking

5:30 - 6pm
Anaplan & Akili Customer Panel

Ric Bostian
Chart Industries

Shawn Stewart
EnLink Midstream

The Challenge CIO's and Operational Leaders face:

As seen in many areas of an organization, the idea of a “Connected Planning” platform is unfortunately absent from the Project Governance and Planning processes required by executives who are looking to manage resource, cost, and capital-intensive projects. In this gap, many companies are using a Frankenstein approach that blends a variety of tools, Excel spreadsheets, and siloed databases to try to gain insight into the various areas of concern.

Because of this, Akili has partnered with organizations like Chart Industries, EnLink Midstream, and others to create a solution that truly provides a comprehensive operational and financial governance view through which organizations can manage and plan for their portfolio of IT and Operational projects.

Anaplan allows businesses to create and manage project operational and financial plans in one central hub making all the data readily accessible. Anaplan is a highly customizable modeling tool. Unique business processes can be mimicked and enhanced with new tools, like unique KPI’s across projects.

Anaplan provides the capacity, speed, visualization and adaptability that is required to make strategic, real-time decisions, both on the ground and at the Executive level, that grow businesses.